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What is a underlying significance of Chinese President's visit to a prep high school in Chicago ?
Why begin with the US public schools?
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    What and How to do ?

Our efforts for promoting mutual exchanges of culture should be made in collaboration with all the organizations within and outside Korea which share common goals with us. Considering the fact that the local residents including parents of students in interest have a close contact with schools and government officials who are influential in decision-making process on the issue, -- i.e. whether or not they adopt Korean language and Taekwondo as formal courses-- they could play a decisive role in our movement.

Fortunately, there are as many as 7 million oversee Koreans, including 2 million in the US alone. Therefore, achieving our goal requires concerted efforts of people within and outside Korea. To do so, ICKC will play a bridging role by providing networks among individuals and institutes in various regions.

There also are a lot of aspired language instructors who have a great potentials as teachers but hindered by the lack of training opportunities. Therefore, we need to create language training program that allows the aspired instructors to transform a short term interest into a long-term career possibility.

The ICKC's movement will begin in the US. Afterwards it will expand to other regions such as South Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America, depending on the outcome of our performance in the US.


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