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Key Objectives
What is a underlying significance of Chinese President's visit to a prep high school in Chicago ?
Why begin with the US public schools?
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    the Key objectives of ICKC are:


To encourage public schools in the United States to adopt Hanguel
as second or foreign language, and include Taekwondo as formal course in their curriculum;

To provide help and assistance to foreigners and oversee Koreans who want to teach Korean language outside Korea;

To set up global networks in order to exchange and share information with other institutions within and outside Korea;

Finally, to facilitate engagement with diverse cultures and institutions around the world that share the same interest as ICKC

Our first year plan is to start an 'One Thousand Project', with the target of 1,000 schools in the US adopting Hanguel and Taekwondo as formal courses within the next 10 years. It will mark a significant first step towards spreading Hangeul's excellence around the world.
Presently the number of high schools in the US which adopt the Spanish, the Chinese, and the Japanese language are 5,000, 1000, and 700 respectively, while in comparison there are only 65 schools adopting Korean language.

Thus, we are going to work hand in hand with others who share common goals in pursuit of promoting Korean Culture, through which ,we hope, increase mutual understanding, strengthen ties and develop friendly relations between the people of Korea and other countries.


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